Get a Jump Start on Financial Literacy!

'Kids Love Money: They Just Don't Understand It' is a book geared towards teaching young readers about the wonderful world of money and the role it plays in our lives, helping them live wealthy, happy, and successful lives.

Financial Literacy plays a huge part in our lives on so many levels yet it is a subject rarely discussed, taught or understood. Help the youth to understand with the Kids Love Money series that is designed to educate and entertain. By being provided with these resources for understanding at an early age, their chances for a successful life increases exponentially.

Why Buy This Book?

Kids Love Money is a book series that helps kids to understand the world of finance. Learning at an early age allows for better decision-making that can improve one's quality of life.

"This book is very well written and easy for kids to understand."


"I'm going to read this book every day."

Jamal T.
Young Reader


Robert M.
Young Reader

"I learned fun things about money with this book."

Samuel P.
Young Reader

About The Author

S. L. Crawford

Best-Selling Author

S.L. Crawford is the author behind Kids Love Money, the educational and fun children's book series about financial literacy.

She is a lifelong learner with a Bachelor's in Business Administration and a lifetime of personal experiences with earning, saving, and investing. She has learned that many adults felt they too learned valuable money skills too late in life and she wanted to make sure that her grandchildren and yours learn important money skills early in life so they could grow up to be financially secure and happy adults.

Kids Love Money is her passion project. It is an easy-to-read children’s book series that is perfect for young readers and packed with real-life scenarios, colorful graphics, and easy-to-follow text. It helps them get an understanding about the wonderful world of money and the role it plays in our lives, helping them live wealthy, happy and successful lives.